Brad One Shot: Friend Zoned.

Me and Brad have been friends for such a long time but for me it has been something different. I’ve been crushing on him for around two years and haven’t still said a word about it to anyone. Well that was until James, Tris, and Connor forced it out of me.

"Tell him, or we will", James said to me as we stood in the corner of Connor’s garage. He then patted my shoulder and walked off with Tris and Connor following behind him. They all exited the room, each giving me an encouraging thumbs up.

"Hey Brad!" I called from across the room and watched as Brad fumbled with his head phones and mic

. “Hey (Y/N), what’s up?” He asked as he put them both down and walked towards me.

 ”I need advice.”

Brad looked at me carefully before speaking again, “about what?”

"A guy." I said rather too quickly. I just wanted this whole situation to be over with so the truth can finally be revealed and I can stop hiding. Then when Brad laughs in my face for being stupid enough to like him, I can just go home and stop by the local chip shop to pig out.  

A cheeky smile spread across Brad’s lips. He always begs me to tell him who I have my eye on or who I’d like to snog the pants off of.

"Okay shoot."

"How do you tell a guy you like them and not make it creepy? Especially if you’ve known them since forever?" I asked.

Brad made a face and then his face lit up, instantly knowing the answer. “Alright, ok. Well this is what you gotta do; Just tell him how you feel. And if he doesn’t like you back, you gotta slap him silly because if this douche doesn’t like you back there’s obviously something wrong with him.”

I couldn’t help but fall into a fit of laughter at what Brad had said. His face was completely serious and I could tell he meant every word. Only problem is, he was basically talking about himself.

"Okay, but what exactly would I say?" Brad shrugged, "whatever comes to your heart? I mean you go—"

Brad I like you.” I blurted out, unable to wait until he was done talking.

Brad looked into my eyes as if he was searching for any signs of me joking and then stepped a step closer to me. “You being serious?” He asked.

I nodded my head quickly while looking at my feet until I heard Brad let out a sigh of relief. “Thank god because I like you too.” 

I sighed a sigh of relief before grinning like a mad woman. 

Brad shuffled on his feet. “So do we kiss now or?”

I poked him in the stomach teasingly before he took hold of my hand and pulled me in. His lips instantly crashed into mine, moving in sync as his hands moved from my waist and cheekily made their way down to my bum.

When we finally pulled apart, Brad bit his lip. “I’ve been wanting to do that since forever.” He said.

"Which part? Grabbing my bum or kissing me?" I teased.

"Both", he winked before pulling me in for another kiss.

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